Potato Varieties

1. Kufri Sindhuri (New Red Potato Variety)

A seedling, C. one hundred forty, now named Kufri Sindhuri, at the beginning evolved at Kufri in 1959 and later selected at Jullundur Station of the Institute changed into discovered to possess the desired industrial attributes of Darjeeling crimson spherical besides being biologically strong and resistant to degenerative consequences inside the subject. in contrast to Darjeeling purple round, the new variety yields tubers of desirable grade and appealing coloration and uniform purple color. The range has proved its merit each as higher yielder and via higher adaptability under the country wide Acceptability Trials over 38 centres of trial in the usa. The range was launched for tradition in 1966.

2. Kufri Jyoti (New White Potato Variety)

Adaptability: North and south hills, parts of Bihar, _, Karnataka,Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Pradesh and West Bengal.
Maturity: Hills medium-early (110-130 ); Plains medium ( 90-100 )
Yield potential: Hills- 20 t/ha; – 30 t/ha
Dormancy: Medium (6-8)
Diseases: Moderately resistant to and early blight. Resistant wart. Slow rate of degeneration.
Dry matter: Medium