Honey Varieties

1. Bee hive structure

Bee hive or bee box needs to kept on stand to prevent it from ants
Bee hive or bee container wishes to kept on stand to prevent it from ants
Bee hive includes 3 sections,
Bottom brood chamber,
Center incredible chamber and
Lid at the pinnacle
Amazing chamber is maximum critical for generating pure herbal natural honey
Ninety Nine percent beekeepers in India do no longer keep extraordinary chambers

2. Brood Frame

A wood frame with projections for striking inside the hive.
definitely 7 such frames are stored in a brood chamber
It consists of string on the middle to provide mechanical guide to honey comb.
It need to be made of teak wood

3. Comb foundation sheet or Wax sheet

We make comb foundation sheet from a hundred% natural bees wax.
That is equipped in empty body and bureaucracy the foundation for bees to build a immediately honey comb on it.
With out comb basis sheet, the bees will not construct a straight comb.
Straight comb is vital, else bees get killed even as eliminating and placing combs within the bee box.

4. Forming a new hive

A new bee hive needs to be developed from brood chamber
Three brood frames from a developed hive is separated and kept in an empty brood chamber.
Now empty brood frame with wax sheet is kept inside the hive, next to the fully developed frame.
When enough bee flora is available, bees collect honey and convert it to wax to build the comb.
Since bees are less in population, one brood frame will take 10 days to be constructed

5. Setting up a new brood chamber in bee hive

Four new brood frames with wax sheet fitted are kept inside the hive.
Bees will build brood frames one by one
Queen bee will lay eggs in the finished cells of the comb.
Now lid needs to be placed on brood chamber.
Empty super chamber should not be kept on partially developed brood chamber

6.Developed Brood chamber

After 1 month time, the entire brood chamber is filled with bees.
Now each frame in brood chamber consists of 70% eggs and 30% of honey and pollen to feed eggs and larvae.
As a good practice, honey should not be collect from brood chamber.
But in India, beekeepers collect honey from brood chamber only and they don’t use super chamber at all.
The brood chamber honey is meant for bees to feed larvae and eggs.
Brood chamber honey will be used by bees during, non honey flow season.
If brood frame honey is not extracted, artificial sugar feeding is not required during non honey flow season.