Cucumber Varieties

1. Multistar Cucumber

India specializes in high high-quality and diverse sorts of Cucumbers grown underneath protected cultivation through out the country. Our high yielding varieties are tasty and crispy.

  • Parthenocarpic Mini Cucumber with fruits of 16 to 18 cm long.
  • Dark green shiny fruits long , slightly ribbed and uniform cylindrical in shape.
  • Perfect product for slicing and salads.

2. KUK 9 Cucumber

Cucumber- KUK9

This hybrid recognized for inexperienced residence developing in late spring summer and early autumn season has lively plant life with open plant habit. it is a gynoecious parthenocarpic hybrid with 3-5 fruits consistent with node. The fruits are medium long (16-19cm), attractive, barely ribbed and darkish green. it’s far tolerant to powdery mildew.

3. Hilton Cucumber


Cucumber of Hilton (Holland) variety is sweet, juicy and seedless It can be consumed without removing skin. This is in much demand by 5 star hotels. We are producing 1.5 to 2 tons of this variety daily in our green houses. We can supply throughout the year.

4. Aviva Cucumber


AVIVA is an early hybrid that produces cylindrical bieth alpha type dark green fruits with smooth pores and skin. flora of AVIVA have medium vigour and branching. Parthenocarpic plant life produce solitary end result at every node. traditional mini cucumber, AVIVA has attractive dark inexperienced coloration and top gloss, small seed core and fantastic flavor. end result are 16 to 20 cms long and 3.5 to 4 cms wide. high yields, exact marketplace acceptance and top costs for their produce makes AVIVA growers favored.